Corset and Bra Links

Corset and Bra Links (corsetry supplies) (corsetry supplies) AND (corsetry supplies) (collection of all things corsetry!) (corsetry supplies, notions, vintage clothing) (Before the Automobile blog: inspiration!) Dreamstress blog: inspiration!) (inspiration!) (inspiration!) (inspiration!) (inspiration!) (trim) (patterns) (patterns) (patterns, buttons) (costumers’ association) (Ren corset caning) (pattern paper) (patterns, notions, etc….might be out of business) (patterns, accessories, clothing) (vintage clothing and accessories) (patterns) (inspiration!) (patterns) (patterns, books, notions, LOCAL to SF Bay Area!!) (patterns) (patterns) (patterns) (patterns to buy and borrow) (patterns and clothing) (list of costume supply resources) (it will take you to Google, then click on the link – museum in Japan, awesome inspiration!) (Met museum…inspiration) (International Costumers Guild – site with good links) (National Costumers Association – site with good links) (Costume Society of America – site with some links; good as reference) (Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild – SF Bay Area costume guild – events) (group that gives period balls in the Bay Area) (costumers networking site) (vintage clothing, books) (HUGE resource; links to everywhere. Some good links, some not so good) (awesome inspiration of commercial corsets) (beautiful handwoven cloth) (stocking and sock resource) (stocking and sock resource) (period-oid shoe resource)  (extremely beautiful period reproduction shoes) (period clothing) (the nation’s largest corset collection)

About costumecarol

A professional pattern-maker and costumer, Carol Wood has been researching, recreating, and wearing historical garments for decades. Her work has been honored with awards, shown in galleries, worn to period events, appeared on stage, and escorted down the wedding aisle. Carol works as assistant cutter at SF Opera’s Costume Shop, head draper for Rebecca Bruce Designs, and runs her own custom costume business. She has published articles on the history of clothing as well as sewing period garments. A native of the SF East Bay, she lived much of her life in Europe where she studied first-hand and began collecting historical garments.
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